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Stringing technique: Stringing flat beads with a hole in the middle (stringing wax cords from opposite sides)

A different stringing technique gives your jewelry that special something and makes your design stand out. This stringing technique sees to it that flat beads with a hole in the middle will still lie flat on your skin; you can also apply this technique to roundels for an extraordinary bracelet or necklace.

Stringing technique 3 Step 1

Step 1:
Take two pieces of wax cord of the same length; the wires must be long enough for a piece of jewelry (keep in mind that due to the knots and the stringing technique the cords will become quite a bit shorter). Make a knot in the cords together at at least 3cm from the ends of the cords (when combining this stringing technique with another stringing technique, you should make the knot farther from the end).

Stringing technique 3 Step 2

Step 2:
Thread one wax cord from one side through a flat bead with a hole in the middle and thread the other wax cord from the opposite side through the hole of the flat bead.

Stringing technique 3 Step 3

Step 3:
String the bead on the cords until it hits the knot and make another knot with the two cords together at the other side of the bead.

Stringing technique 3 Step 4

Tip! Step 4:
String one or two beads on the cords either separately or together and make a knot in the cords together.

Stringing technique 3 Step 5

Step 5:
Repeat steps 2 and 3 (and if preferred step 4) until the piece of jewelry has reached the desired length.

Stringing technique 3 Step 6

Tip! Step 6:
You could decide to partly use this technique in your jewelry design (for example in the middle). After using this technique, you could continue with stringing beads on the wires separately.

Stringing technique 3 Step 7

This technique is very suitable for flat beads with a hole in the middle, but you could apply this technique to regular beads, such as roundels, to give your piece of jewelry an original and fun look.




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