Security statement

Security statement

Sayila International BV, referred to below as 'Sayila', takes the security of credit card data very seriously and uses a number of technical solutions to ensure that on-line shopping with Sayila is safe, and security-protected.

Credit card information

Credit card information that you entrust to Sayila's Web site is not stored on the Web site, but on extra secure servers, and that information is never disclosed to other parties.
Pages that request payment information are always protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security, which encrypts all sensitive information unrecognizably before sending – see below on this page.

SSL-secured Web pages

The payment section of our Web site is secured. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that is intended especially for that purpose. SSL ensures that sensitive information is encrypted. This makes it impossible for others to read the information should it be intercepted.


The statement set forth above applies to the Web site.
However, Sayila reserves the right to amend this statement from time to time. The policies and statements above are therefore not intended as an agreement, and no rights can be derived from them.



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